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Urdu Teacher

Welcome! Urdu Teacher is a unique work founded on serious R&D. With Field Tests it was concluded that a Urdu Book must clearly and comparatively demonstrate the Four Distinct Positions of each of the 39 Urdu Character, in order to be a successful Urdu Teacher. Therefore, the first 39 chapters, along with their comparative charts, of this book are intelligently devoted for this vital aspect.

It is a step-by-step systematic approach with cumulative learning from the basic alphabet to making your own Urdu sentences comfortably. It walks you carefully holding your finger. It is fully English transliterated for your help. It is also coupled with Devanagari script for those who understand India’s National Language Hindi. It has nice diagrams, colourful Chart of Alphabet, valuable Tables, Answers to all Exercises and Examples, Transliterated Students Dictionary of vocabulary, important Notes at the beginning of each chapter and at each step, and much more. It is second to none!

Amazingly different and most Effective, than any other Urdu Learning book, it is fully 100% English transliterated and supplemented with Hindi script as a clearer pronunciation guide of the Urdu characters. Because, English Language does not have most of the parallel Urdu Pronunciations, but the Hindi script has them.

The Urdul Learning Text Books is packed with such great features as : (1) A Colorful Chart of Nastaliq (Indo-Persian) Urdu Alphabet and
A Colorful Chart of Urdu Naskh (Arabic) Urdu Alphabet for you to choose one or both. (2) Urdu Pronunciation Guides and Diagrams,
(3) Hundreds of TIPS OF CAUTION
(4) Guide to use Urdu vowel signs (matra) and accent marks (Nuktah)
(5) Urdu Special Letters,
(6) Transliterated Vast Urdu Picture Dictionary,
(7) Plenty Tables of Urdu Verbs and Cases (8) Valuable tables helping you TO MAKE YOUR OWN URDU SENTENCES CONFIDENTLY
(9) Explanation and Exercises on Urdu Nouns, Verbs, Irregular Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Masculine-Feminine, Singular-Plural, Tenses, Moods, Cases, etc.,
(10) Urdu Pre-Vocabulary,
(11) Urdu Numerals
(12) Comparative study of Uddu, Hindi and Sanskrit Languages,
(13) Urdu Literature, Poets and Their Poetry
(14) Tarana, Doha, Nazm, Ghazal, Sher, Shairi,etc.
(15) Urdu Lettering Styles,
(16) Detailed Urdu Conversational Road Map
(17) This Book has Urdu Nastaliq (Indo-Persian) and Urdu Naskh (Arabic) scripts for you to learn one or both.
(18) and much more. Too much valuable material for the small price.

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