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----------------------------------------- THIS IS TAMIL MENU ----------------------------------------

Tamil            This is a wholly new concept of Reading, Writing and Speaking Tamil with a proven scientific method, even to absolutely new learners. This book teaches you how to make your own sentences. In this Book you will find unique Tables, Colourful Alphabet Chart, Golden Rules, Tips and much more. It is prepared with long R&D work, like no other Tamil learning book does. With its easy to follow lessons, you start making your own Tamil sentences quickly with confidence. It has added help if you know Hindi language. This entire book is written in Tamil, Devanagari, English and Transliteration scripts for the easy help of the new learners. Even the learners who want to learn Tamil wholly through English transliteration, this book is the only one.

Amazingly different and most Effective, than any other Tamil Learning book, it is fully 100% English transliterated and supplemented with Devanagari script as a clearer pronunciation guide of the Tamil characters. This is because, English Language does not have most of the parallel Tamil Pronunciations, but the Devanagari script has them all.

This Tamil Learning Text Books is packed with such great features as :
(1) Colorful Tamil Alphabet Chart and
(2) Tamil Pronunciation Guides,
(3) Hundreds of TIPS OF CAUTION
(4) Guide to use Tamil vowel signs (matra) and accent marks
(5) Tamil Special Letters,
(6) Transliterated Vast Tamil Picture Dictionary,
(7) Plenty Tables of Tamil Verbs and Cases (8) valuable tables helping you HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN TAMIL SENTENCES CONFIDENTLY
(9) Explanation and Exercises on Tamil Nouns, Verbs, Irregular Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Masculine-Feminine, Singular-Plural, Tenses, Moods, Cases, etc.,
(10) Tamil Pre-Vocabulary,
(11) Tamil Numerals
(12) Comparative study of Tamil and Sanskrit Languages,
(13) and much more. Too much valuable material for the small price.
(14) This book is the FOUNDATION for the FREE SANSKRIT LESSONS on this site.
Size 8.0x11, Wight 400 gm


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