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(1) Learn Sanskrit Primary Level :  by Prof. Ratnakar Narale

Sanskrit Level I            This is primary Level I Sanskrit Learning book. It is It is fully 100% English transliterated with Sanskrit Devanagari script. for the benefit of English Speaking People.

This book includes :
(1) Colorful Sanskrit Alphabet Chart and Sanskrit Pronunciation Guides,
(2) Sanskrit Prayer to the Goddess of Learning,
(3) Guide to use Sanskrit Vowel Signs (matras) and accent marks (anuswar)
(4) Extensive explanation on formation of Sanskrit Compounds and Special Letters,
(5) Sanskrit Pre-vocabulary,
(6) Transliterated Vast Sanskrit Picture Dictionary,
(7) Plenty Tables of Sanskrit Verbs and Cases (8) valuable tables helping you HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SANSKRIT SENTENCES CONFIDENTLY
(9) Explanation and Exercises on Sanskrit Nouns, Verbs, Irregular Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Masculine-Feminine, Singular-Plural, Tenses, Moods, Cases, Synonyms, Antonyms, Sanskrit Proverbs, Sanskrit Keywords, etc.,
(10) General Knowledge,
(11) and much more. Too much valuable material for the small price.
(12) This book is the FOUNDATION for the FREE SANSKRIT LESSONS on this site.
Book Weight 425 gm

 (2) Learn Sanskrit through Devanagari and Transliteration (All-in-One Advanced Book) : by Prof. Ratnakar Narale

 All-inOne           This is ALL-IN-ONE Sanskrit LEARNER’S BOOK. This 5-star All-in-One master piece handbook covers “Absolutely Everything” from A-toZ of Sanskrit language. It is designed for the benefit of the absolutely New Learners as well as the Seasoned Scholars.

This unique book is Transliterated for the English readers, in addition to the Sanskrit Script. This giant 700 page All-in-One book (37 Chapters + 10 large Appendices) is for all levels of Sanskrit Self Learning. It is a fine Sanskrit Tutor as well as a Complete Reference Manual for a novice as well as an expert. The book begins with basic Sanskrit Alphabet and progresses step-by-step to encompass every aspect of Sanskrit grammar and its usage that one will not find in any other book. It even has some rare topics that one may not find elsewhere. It is a treasure of new ideas, techniques, information and reference material. It is rich with examples, exercises and an important chapter of  Answers to all the Exercises.”

The depth and gravity of unique topics covered in this book you will not find in any single book anywhere. For example, the 11 Lakars, the unique vowel and visarga Sandhi Flow-Charts, the vivid illucidation of atmanepadi-parasmaipadi, active-passive, transitive-intransitive, causative-desiderative-frequentive, set-anit, chvi sati-saptami, shatru-shanach, lyap-tumun, kta-ktavatu, taddhit-namadhatu, ete, etc, and the vast 2200 Verb dictionary with their declensions and krit forms, that you will not find even in the Dahtupath.

Weight 800 gm

(3) Learn Sanskrit through Devanagari (Without Transliteration) : by Prof. Ratnakar Narale

  Devanagari          This book is for those who are comfortable reading Devanagari Script. This book is essentially same as the above mentioned book, except that the above book has English Transliteration added for the help of those learners who are not yet comfortable with the Devanagari Script. Price : $45.00

Weight 700 gm

 (4) Sanskrit Reference Manual, the Sanskrit Black Book : by Prof. Ratnakar Narale

 Reference           Welcome! Sanskrit Grammar and Reference Book by Prof. Ratnakar Narale is an ocean of essential information, in English Transliteration as well as in Sanskrit script. This All-in-One manual includes complete Sanskrit Grammar and comprehensive Sanskrit Reference Book for all levels of learning. It has unique Charts, Flowcharts, Golden Rules, Dictionaries of Nouns, Adverbs, Verb Roots, Conjugations of every Sanskrit verb, Case Inflections all possible noun types, and every element of grammar you would ever need to know, but may not find elsewhere. It has all Chhand-Sutras of Pingala, Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali, and much more. A must for Sanskrit students, this book is one of its kind, worth its weight in gold. The question is not, “can you afford to buy it,” the question is “can you afford not to buy this priceless book?”

This is the Black Book of Sanskrit Language. It is the most complete Sanskrit Reference Manual for the New Learners as well as Sanskrit Scholars. This is the only reference book you will ever need for doing any type of work in Sanskrit language.

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