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Published by Academy of Indian Music, "नई संगीत रोशनी Nayi Sangeet Roshani," as all brand new Compositions (by Prof. Ratnakar Narale) and Music Tunes (by Sangeetacharya Shri Dev Bansraj) with Harmonium Notations and Table Thekas. The book opens from both sides, one side is Hindi version and the flip side is English version for those who can not read Hindi. This great treasure for the music lovers, learners and teachers is foreworded by Padmabhushan Sarangi Samrat Ustad Sabri Khan.

In this volume, there are compositions in 40+ Raagas in Khayals, Geets, Bhajans, Kitrans, Aartis, Taranas, Thumri, Dhrupad, Chaiti, Kajri, Hori, Chutney, Tilana, Ghazal, Chaupai, Doha, etc, styled in Dadra taal, Rupak taal, Tivra taal, Dipchandi taal, Jhap-taal, Ek-taal, Chau-taal, Kaharva Taal and Teen taal, and are dedicated to almost every deity and celebration one may imagine of. The Index of the book presented in the Book Previes speaks for itself.

This is history making book, the first book of its kind. For its originality, innovation, this monumental work has established the  "Taruba Gharana," first Music Gharana outside India.


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Ratnakar Narale is Prof. of Hindi at Ryerson University. He has Ph.D. from IIT Kharagpur and Ph.D. from Kalidas Sanskrit University, Nagpur, India. He has a passion for Hindi and Sanskrit poet