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Gita 1

Presented after nearly 20+ years of devoted work, this book is a lifetime study for one who has dedication and patience to learn and contemplate on every word of this epic work. This is not a novel or a loose commentary or my opinion. This book is NOT for an avarage reader. If one wants to learn or teach Gita through Sanskrit and Sanskrit through Gita, there is no substitute for this critical study. From an elementary level to most scholarly level, to know the "Gita As She is in Krishna's Own Sanskrit Words," this book is sole authority. May you be a new learner, a scholar, a swami or an Institution, this is the right resource for a critical study. Regardless of how many books on Gita you have read, studied or written, while going through this treasure of information, you will discover many Surprises, Interesting Facts and Important Points, which you you would have never known without going through this book. This books removes all the misconceptions and wrong notions one has collected without knowing what the Sanskrit words of Krishna truly mean. This fact you will realize yourself, only after reading this book critically, specially the footnotes given in this book. Seeing is believing. (for the proof :  See the preview of CHAPTER ONE of this book, PLEASE CLICK HERE)

This book is amazingly different right from the Cover and the Cover Story to the end of the book.  It is fully English transliterated and supplemented with Devanagari Script. This ONE OF A KIND systematically laid out book is distinctively designed for those people who want to either do a Critical Study of the Bhagavad Gita or desire to LEARN GITA THROUGH SANSKRIT AND SANSKRIT THROUGH THE GITA. These three Books are a COMPARATIVE and CRITICAL STUDY of the Sanskrit Words AS SAID BY LORD KRISHNA, with reference to the SANSKRIT GRAMMAR BEHIND EACH WORD. Using these Books is INTERESTING, CHALLENGING, ENLIGHTENING as well as EDUCATING. This is ONE OF A KIND SCHOLASTIC WORK. It is good for new Learners as well as a great challenge for Scholars and Swamis for their own interest or for the Students doing BA, MA or Ph.D. in Sanskrit.

These All-in-One books have such great features as :
(1) Prehistory of the Gita
(2) Life Sketch of Each 90 Persons Mentioned in the Gita,
(3) Great Family Tree of all the People mentioned in Gita With reference to Mahabharata,
(4) List with Reference of 301 Holy Names of Krishna, as mentioned in the Gita,

(5) Extensive writeup on Sanskrit Alphabet and Compound Characters used in Gita and
(6) Sanskrit Prayer to the Goddess of Learning,
(7) Guide to entire Sanskrit Grammar required to understand each word of the entire Gita.
(8) This book is fully 100% transliterated form the use of English Speaking People,
(9) Explanation of Sanskrit required to understand the Gita properly.

(10) It is packed with Hundreds of Important Footnotes and Tips,
(11) Prehistory of the Gita
(12) You can virtually spend your life-time studying each word of this Unique Book. This breat taking work is lifetime spiritual investment.
(13) Please note that it is NOT an average Gita Book.
(14) This monumental work is too precious to miss.


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